Creating a safe


Safer Together


SUN & SKY. firmly believes in the significance of health and safe working practices of our employees, as it forms the fundamental part of the effectiveness and efficiency of our management. Furthermore, as an organization and the employer, we do acknowledge our commitment, so far as is reasonably, in ensuring for the health and safety of our employees, public health and not to endanger our environment.

SUN & SKY. recognizes that in our duties and responsibilities to our employees, the foremost requirement is providing and maintaining hygienic conditions, healthy environment and safe work practices in addition.


We also comprehend the relationship between efficiency and safety in terms of cost control, losses, ill health and the lost time injuries due to accidents and near misses. Every managerial and supervisory staff shall apply the organizations safety policy and all legislative provisions in their areas of control and execute all reasonably practicable measures to provide a healthy and safe working environment.

We also consider that every employee in our organization has an individual responsibility ensuring strict adherence to company’s and all legislative safety requirements and it is their obligation working with the management in maintaining good standards of Health & Safety.

We lead the way

Furthermore, Sun & Sky. will conduct induction program and provide training and instruction to enable employees to carry out their duties in a safe and efficient manner, and as well make all necessary devices and protective equipment issued and supervise its use as required and will involve staff on all discussions to improve Health & Safety.

We watch out for each other

SUN & SKY. will ensure effective consultation and co-operation with persons of other organization where both party’s works involved on the same area, where either party’s operations may affect either organization’s employees.

To ensure effective implementation of this policy, We will make adequate financial, human resources available, with a review of the policy annually and the Management systems every six months carrying out audits to ensure compliance with the policy